Clopay Insulated Steel Sectional Garage Door Installation

Clopay Insulated Steel Sectional Garage Door Installation

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*Insulated Steel Residential Garage Door Installation Instructions and Maintenance – 3, 4, and 5 Layer Construction


1. Safety and Preparations:

  • Read and understand all safety information and warnings in the instructions.
  • Use proper protective gear like gloves, goggles, hard hats.
  • Get assistants for heavy lifting.
  • Check that you have the minimum headroom space, backroom space, and side clearance required for the door opening. Refer to size charts for standard requirements.
  • Inspect materials and verify you have all needed door sections, hardware components, and materials per included checklists before beginning.

2. Removing Existing Door:

  • For doors with torsion springs, have a professional remove them first before disassembly.
  • For doors with extension springs, raise door and clamp tracks on both sides to stabilize sections. Detach springs, cables and hardware with door raised.
  • Remove C-clamps keeping door from falling. Carefully close door. Use wood blocks to prevent fingers being trapped.
  • Starting with top section, unstack and remove door sections one by one from opening.
  • Detach all remaining old track and hardware from jambs, except reusable rear hangers.

3. Preparing the Doorway:

  • If old jambs are damaged, replace with new 2×6 lumber. Jambs should be plumb and header level.
  • Install stop molding around edges of opening, flush with inside framing.
  • Be sure jamb bolts are recessed enough for flush track mounting.

4. Bottom Section Preparation:

  • Identify bottom section – will have weather seal retaining flap on bottom edge.
  • Place section face down on covered sawhorses.
  • Break apart and attach bottom brackets by hand with tabs fully engaged into slots.
  • Attach lift cables to bottom bracket buttons (extension spring doors only).
  • Attach hinges to prepunched holes along top edge using specified screws. Add struts if needed.
  • Install lift handles to bottom and lock sections.

5. Stacking and Securing Sections:

  • Stack sections in proper order according to height charts provided.
  • Place bottom section in opening centered side to side. Level and secure with nails through section ends.
  • Stack remaining sections in order, securing each with nails through section ends as stacked.
  • Attach hinges between each section using specified screws.
  • Install track rollers into hinges at ends of every section.

6. Reinforcing the Top Section:

  • Reinforce top section to provide attachment point for opener per instructions.

7. Setting Up the Tracks:

  • Assemble track brackets and flag brackets to vertical tracks loosely.
  • Mount vertical tracks over rollers with 1/2″ clearance.
  • Mark and drill pilot holes for lag screw track mounting through flag brackets.
  • Attach flag brackets to jambs with lag screws. Tighten track hardware.
  • Check vertical track alignment and level on both sides of opening.

8. Horizontal Tracks and Rear Hangers:

  • Assemble horizontal tracks to vertical tracks and mount rear track hangers to ceiling following specifications.
  • Temporarily support rear of tracks until hangers are installed.
  • Square and level rear track hangers following measurements precisely. Anchor to ceiling with lag screws.

9. Final Assembly Steps:

  • Adjust top section and tighten top roller brackets. Remove any temporary nails.
  • Install lock if provided. Install pull rope on manually operated doors.
  • Install springs and containments per supplemental spring instructions.
  • Reinforce top section and attach automatic opener reinforcement bracket if adding opener.
  • Mount opener head and rail following opener manufacturer’s instructions precisely.
  • Attach opener arm to reinforcement bracket at proper height and angle.

10. Testing and Wrapping Up:

  • Test operation thoroughly after installing. Make any adjustments needed.
  • Provide homeowner maintenance and operation instructions.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions on these installation steps! I can add more details to any section.

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