Clopay Low Headroom Conversion Kit Installation

Clopay Low Headroom Conversion Kit Installation

Garage Door Low Headroom Kit

  1. Verify the existing horizontal track radius by measuring from the center of the track curve to the bottom of the track (“R” dimension). Kit fits 12″ or 15″ radius tracks.
  2. Determine the reduced vertical track length needed:
    • For common door heights, refer to the provided length chart.
    • For other heights, take door height in inches and subtract 12″ (12″ radius) or 15-1/2″ (15″ radius).
  1. Measure and mark the excess vertical track length to be removed above the top roller. Cut track squarely with a hacksaw.
  2. Drill two new 1/4″ holes near the top of the vertical track for attaching the flag bracket.
  3. Check flag bracket clearance on the cut vertical track. If needed, cut 3″ off the top of the flag bracket with a hacksaw.
  4. Reattach flag bracket to vertical track using bottom row of holes and track bolts/nuts.
  5. Attach the provided low headroom safety bottom brackets to the bottom section’s end stiles, engaging the locking tabs. Secure with screws.
  6. For extension spring doors, hook the lift cables onto the bottom bracket buttons. (Skip for torsion spring doors.)
  7. Follow the main installation manual to install the vertical tracks and install the sections, hinges, and rollers.
  8. Remove the horizontal track mounting bracket. Align and attach the low headroom front upper track to the standard track with track bolts/nuts. Repeat for other side.
  9. Align the low headroom rear upper track with no more than 1/8″ gap from front upper track. Mark, drill holes as needed, and attach rear track with track bolts/nuts. Repeat for other side.
  10. Temporarily hang rear of track assembly. Attach the curved end of the lower horizontal track to the flag bracket with track bolts/nuts in the correct holes per door thickness.
  11. Attach the starter angle to the flag bracket with the provided carriage bolt/nut in the proper hole for door thickness.
  12. Fasten the rear of the horizontal track assembly to the ceiling with a 3/8″ x 1″ bolt/nut through the tracks and rear track hanger. Repeat for other side.
  13. Insert roller into low headroom top bracket. Insert roller assembly into horizontal track. Slide bracket against top section end stile.
  14. Line up top bracket with top section and drill pilot holes. Attach securely with specified fasteners. Repeat for other top bracket leaving loose.
  15. Install the spring system:
    • For extension springs, insert sheave bolt through starter angle and attach springs as directed.
    • For EZ-Set extension springs, follow the provided supplemental LHR instructions.
    • For EZ-Set torsion springs, follow standard instructions except for attaching winding unit bracket to flag bracket.
  1. Complete spring system installation and safety containment kit installation per the instructions.
  2. Finally, make any needed adjustments to top section and tighten top roller bracket fasteners.

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