Clopay EZ-Set Extension Spring System Installation

Clopay EZ-Set Extension Spring System Installation

Clopay EZ-Set Extension Spring Kit - North Shore Commercial Door


  • Verify minimum 5-1/2″ side clearance on both sides of the door opening to accommodate EZ-Set system.
  • Gather all required spring system components using the provided parts list and checklist.
  • Have all necessary tools available including drill, hex driver, wrenches, hammer, punch, etc.
  • Read all warnings and cautions thoroughly. Use proper protective gear.
  • Door should remain closed during spring installation.

Assemble Spring System:

  1. On the floor, assemble the springs, forks, sheaves, and bushings using the specified 3/8″ x 1-1/4″ hex bolt and nut. Ensure bushing seats properly in fork.
  2. Remove the pre-wound spring housing from packaging. Slide housing into the housing bracket marked “L” for left and “R” for right. Note cable will extend through top slot.

Mount Spring System:

  1. Position left housing bracket against horizontal angle. Align bracket holes and angle slots.
  2. Attach housing bracket with two 3/8″ x 3/4″ hex bolts and flange nuts. Bolt and nut closest to jamb goes through flag bracket first. Ensure safety tab engages round hole in angle.
  3. If angle holes don’t align, drill three 3/8″ holes for hardware and tab per diagram.
  4. On rear track hangers, assemble 5/16″ eye bolts and nuts around 12″ above tracks on both sides. Tighten nuts firmly.

Attach Springs:

  1. Hang looped end of extension spring on 5/16″ eye bolt. Allow to hang temporarily.
  2. Attach sheave fork to free end of hanging spring.
  3. Thread safety cable through spring and eye bolt. Feed end through fork bushing and housing bracket. Pull taut and clamp with sheet metal screw firmly against bracket.
  4. Thread lift cable from housing under and around spring sheave and over stationary sheave on housing bracket.
  5. Run lift cable down to door and attach looped end to bottom bracket button securely.

Tension Springs:

  1. Ensure door is fully closed and locked. Insert 1/4″ hex driver into housing worm drive.
  2. Using drill, rotate hex drive clockwise to tension springs. Ensure driver is fully inserted.
  3. Wind springs until red marks on safety cables are covered by fork bushings. Equal tension on both sides.
  4. Carefully raise door halfway open. Check tracks are parallel with door edges on both sides.
  5. Re-adjust spring tension if door wants to rise or fall. Wind more for falling, less for rising.
  6. For low headroom doors, follow supplemental LHR instructions for attaching housing brackets before tensioning.
  7. When tensioning LHR springs, start with clockwise winds to set initial tension properly.

Finish Installation:

  1. Raise door fully and re-check track alignment. Confirm smooth operation.
  2. Install safety containment cables per main instructions.
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