How To Permanently Repair A Garage Floor Crack

How To Permanently Repair A Garage Floor Crack

Are Garage Cracks Normal?


Cracks in garage floors are unsightly and can turn into even bigger problems over time as the crack widens due to movement and pressure. Properly repairing cracks in a garage floor requires sealing the cracks completely so that water and debris cannot infiltrate the open space. The crack must then be resurfaced and smoothed over.

This SOP will outline the necessary steps, tools, and materials to permanently repair common cracks in concrete garage floors.

Required Tools & Materials

  • Floor scraper
  • Grinder with 4-4.5 inch abrasive wheel
  • Diamond cup grinder wheel
  • Vacuum with hose
  • Respirator & safety goggles
  • Concrete fast-set epoxy compound (2 parts)
  • Ultra-fine concrete sand
  • Mixing containers & scoop
  • Applicator (ketchup bottle, caulking gun, etc)

Step 1 – Clean & Prep The Crack

Use a floor scraper to remove any old sealant or debris in the crack. Clean up scrapings. Next, use an abrasive grinder wheel to smooth and clean the edges of the crack so there is no raised concrete lip. Vacuum up all dust.

Step 2 – Open Up The Crack

Use a diamond cup grinder wheel to further open up the crack so the repair compound can penetrate inside. For large cracks use a V-notch wheel. Vacuum debris.

Step 3 – Fill the Crack With Sand

Fill the crack up to 1/8″ below the concrete surface with ultra-fine concrete sand. This will form the base layer. The sand must be completely dry.

Step 4 – Fill With Epoxy Compound

Mix up a small batch of concrete epoxy compound per manufacturer instructions. Use a ketchup bottle or caulking gun to fill the crack, overfilling slightly above the surface. Repeat, allowing the epoxy to soak into the sand until the crack is filled.

Step 5 – Let Cure & Grind Smooth

Allow the epoxy to fully cure based on cure times. This is usually 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once hardened, use a grinder to smooth the epoxy until flush with the concrete surface. Vacuum up all grinding dust.

The crack is now repaired and ready for a protective coating or finish. Always follow safety procedures when using power tools and wear proper PPE. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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