Keyless Entry: How To Choose The Perfect Keypad System

Keyless Entry: How To Choose The Perfect Keypad System

Keyless entry systems are increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses alike. By removing the need for physical keys, keyless entry systems can provide increased security and convenience. This article will discuss the different types of keypad systems available and how to choose a system that is best suited for individual needs.

Keyless entry systems come in many forms, from simple numeric pads to more advanced biometric readers. Different features must be considered when selecting a system, including the number of users, the type of access control desired, and installation requirements. It is also important to consider budget restrictions and compliance with local building codes. With the right information, choosing the perfect keypad system can be straightforward.

Types Of Keypad Systems

Securing a property with the right keypad system is paramount for access control and wireless security. To ensure the perfect keypad system is chosen, it is important to understand the different types of keypad systems available. Master garage door experts have identified three distinct types of keypad systems: traditional mechanical, electronic combination, and digital entry systems.

Traditional mechanical keypads use physical buttons or levers in order to gain entry. It is an effective solution for those who need a basic level of access control without the need for complex technology. With this type of system, the code is usually changed frequently in order to ensure security.

Electronic combination systems are far more advanced than traditional mechanical keypads, as they use secure cards or fobs to gain entry into a property. These secure cards can either be programmed with an individual PIN code or simply scanned at the point of entry. Electronic combination systems are ideal for medium to high-security premises that require secure authentication for each user.

Digital entry systems are the most advanced type of keypad system available on the market today and offer a range of features such as biometric authentication and two-factor authentication processes. Digital entry systems are often used by large enterprise companies that require a high level of security and access control from their staff members or visitors entering their premises. Moving forward, it will be essential to consider which features would best suit your needs when selecting a suitable keypad system for your property.

Keypad System Features

Choosing the right keypad system for a secure entryway involves evaluating the features of different systems. When considering the features, it is important to consider security protocols and access privileges.

Modern keypad systems are designed with advanced security protocols that allow administrators to assign different levels of access and keep track of who uses their keyless entry system. For example, some systems may require multiple authentication steps or PIN codes that have to be entered in a certain order. Additionally, access privileges can be assigned to different user groups or individuals, such as family members, employees, and visitors.

It is also important to consider the convenience factor when selecting a keypad system. Many systems come with built-in features like auto-lock timers, two-way communication devices, and remote control capabilities. Other features include biometric recognition technology, illuminated keys for night use, and tamper alarms for added protection against theft and unauthorized entry.

This list provides just a few examples of the many features available in modern keypad systems. After deciding on what type of system would best suit your needs, it is then necessary to review installation requirements for a successful setup process.

Installation Requirements

Installing a keypad system requires careful consideration of several factors. A wireless installation is recommended for its convenience and ease of use, while solar-powered systems are ideal for areas exposed to direct sunlight. Furthermore, it is important to assess the compatibility of the system with the existing wiring and equipment before installation.

Feature Advantage Disadvantage
Wireless Installation Easy setup
No cables needed
Prone to interference from other wireless devices in the vicinity
Solar Powered System Environmentally friendly
Low maintenance costs
Limited reliability in low light conditions
Sensitive to weather conditions

For optimal functionality, it is best that master garage door experts handle the installation process. This ensures that all safety protocols are followed and any potential problems are identified ahead of time. Installation tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and drill bits may be required depending on the complexity of the setup. Additionally, a compatible backup power source should also be considered when installing a keypad system.

Budget considerations must also be taken into account when selecting an appropriate keypad system.

Budget Considerations

When it comes to selecting the ideal keypad system for a home or business, budget considerations are essential. According to recent studies, there is an average of 10-15% difference in pricing between entry-level and top-tier products. It is important to compare prices from multiple vendors before making a purchase decision.

For cost savings, consider these four options:

  1. Buy used equipment
  2. Install the equipment yourself
  3. Look for internet specials or packages that include locks and remotes
  4. Bundle together multiple devices from one vendor

Master garage door experts recommend researching available options thoroughly before investing in a keyless entry system. Compare product features and compare prices by doing price comparisons for various models with varying levels of access control technology, including biometric scanning, facial recognition and two-factor authentication systems. Additionally, ensure that the system is compliant with building codes in your area before purchase.

Compliance With Building Codes

When selecting a keyless entry system, it is important to ensure that the system is compliant with relevant building codes. It will be necessary to evaluate the door access requirements for the property or building and determine whether the keypad system meets these standards. It is also essential to consider security protocols such as encryption algorithms and user authentication methods. This can help protect against unauthorized access attempts, which can compromise safety and security.

It may also be beneficial to consider features such as automatic locking and unlocking, remote access control, and audit trail logging as part of an effective security protocol. Automatic locking and unlocking can provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized entry, while remote access control allows users to manage their locks from anywhere in the world via a secure connection. Audit trail logging can help administrators keep track of who accessed the lock and when they accessed it.

In addition to these features, many keypad systems are designed with expanded capabilities such as time-based code expiration, multiple user levels, one-time use codes, and more. Each of these added features increases security by limiting potential access points and providing additional layers of authentication for users. When selecting a keyless entry system, it is important to identify which features are necessary for your particular application in order to ensure compliance with building codes and enhance overall security.


The selection of a keypad system is an important decision in ensuring the security and safety of your property. It is essential to consider all the options available, including types of systems, features, installation requirements, budget considerations, and compliance with building codes. Doing so will help you determine the best system that meets all your needs.

When making this decision, it may be best to seek expert advice from garage door specialists who have experience with keyless entry systems. They can offer valuable insight into selecting the right product for optimal security and convenience. Asking questions, researching different products and services, and comparing prices are essential steps in choosing the perfect keypad system for your individual needs.

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